Theme Of Lack Of Companionship In Frankenstein

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Run away!!! The end of the world was happening and everyone you know, friends, family, and loved ones, all disappear. Left all alone to be alone needing to survive finding food, building shelter, obtaining water, which, are all very hard tasks. These tasks have been completed, all alone without nobody’s help. Without any companionship to help you through the rough days and to help with any of the tasks. This was what Victor, the monster, and Walton felt throughout this story without the companionship. Throughout the story of Frankenstein, the lack of companionship occurs for the three characters. One of the themes is found in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is the lack of companionship causes bad situations that is witnessed throughout Victor creating the monster, the monster’s murders, and Walton’s journey through the north pole.
First, Victor is the person who does not have this companionship in the beginning of the story. Victor is all alone with no one around, so he has no feelings and wants someone to associate with. “Winter, spring, and summer passed away during my labours; but I did not watch the blossom or the expanding leaves—sights which before always yielded me supreme delight—so
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Which she interprets throughout the entire story not just in the three examples I have found. If we were to look back, you could probably find multiple cases of this, not just the three listed above. This also happens today in the world where people can’t find companionship, and they make some bad decisions. From this you have learned that you need to find that companionship because it helps you in life and can help from making bad decisions. This is greatly needed because there should not be a situation of innocent people being killed like in Mary Shelley’s
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