Theme Of Lack Of Honesty In The Crucible

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If you were put into a flawed society how would you act? The main character Abigail in the play The Crucible is in a flawed society and in order to survive she is mischievous and has to lie about things in order to survive. She wants John Proctor to herself and his wife dead. But along the way something called witchcraft comes along and it isn't that good. If you say you were doing witchcraft you're safe from hanging but if you refuse to witchcraft you will be hung. This goes along with the lack of honesty in the community and it leads to a flawed society. The Crucible suggests that the lack of honesty plays a role in an individual's responsibility that leads to a flawed society.

Lack of honesty inside a flawed society will make someone exceed
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Elizabeth Proctor stating to try and save her husband “My husband is a good and righteous man”(Miller 115).This is where Elizabeth unknowingly stats that Proctor is a good man and didn’t do anything and she doesn’t realize that he already confessed. She said this because she thought she was helping her husband but she was actually hurting him even more. What is right in a flawed society is to tell the truth of what has happened but here she lies and it hurts her and her husband in the long run. Danforth in curiosity and inquisitive asks “Is that document a Lie”(Miller 145)? What is significant about this moment in the lay is that Danforth is asking proctor if the document he signed is a lie even though he knows that everything that was said already was a lie. Danforth says this because he wants to be prideful and not look like he is siding with anyone in particular. The character of Danforth is representing what is wrong inside a flawed society because he knows that everything that everyone else had said is a lie but he is asking if Proctor’s document is a lie. Staying alive is a big part in life and especially in the town of salem because in order to stay alive you have to falsely confess that you did witchcraft and you were with the devil. But telling the truth that you had nothing to do with witchcraft gets you hung.

In a flawed society not telling the truth can influence an individual's responsibility

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