Theme Of Leadership In Beowulf

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Wherever human beings are accumulated together in large numbers, they need leadership. Even a school needs a principle to mentor and escalate the school’s rank. Armies need generals to lead them to a courageous victory. Civilians need governments, captains of industry and intellectual leaders of thought as well. However, There are characteristics common to most great leaders that can be picked out. The story Beowulf contains many different rulers that people follow. Among the various characteristics these men share, a few great qualities shine through, these being generosity, loyalty, and bravery. The leader Beowulf portrays these qualities multiple times throughout the story, which define him as a model of leadership for all times.

One of the reasons is that Beowulf always acts decisively and courageously to combat evil, and he is also noble in his actions. He knows how to create peace as well as to wage war. In addition, Beowulf is also generous because when Beowulf arrives back to his homeland. He is carrying many riches from his battles against evil in Hrothgar’s land. He goes and talks to his king, whereupon he gives all of it to him and the queen, even a prized golden collar. Beowulf simply said that all he gained was gained as a retainer of his king, so it all belonged to him (lines 82-83). This shows that Beowulf had no greed and did not desire any gold or riches.

All societies want a leader who helps others and who is willing to do anything for his

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