Theme Of Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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Leadership: (noun) the action of taking a group of people and organizing them; being the leader of a group. A simple of a concept as it is, leadership has many, many branches that bifurcate many, many ways. Leader is an idea that can have many titles, for example dictator, emperor and even President falls under this. All of these names, all of these titles are down in history books next to people who were leaders at one point in their lives, which leads to the association of these titles with the word leader. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies the varying types of leaders are brought to life, but in the embodiment of young boys, no older than twelve. Through them, we see dictatorial (Jack), spiritual (Simon), and logical (Piggy) types of leading with which the final being the one who did not wish to lead, or civilian (Ralph). Though, none of them…show more content…
The ideal leader cannot have a single focus on one aspect, such as logic or spirituality, or it would disrupt the balance between them and the people they are coordinating. It takes a combination of these characteristics to get the right kind of leader. The reason being you could end up with someone like Jack, who is too demanding and bossy or Piggy, who is often ignored despite having rather intelligent advice to share because neither had the right balance. There is a reason why each boy is not fit to be a leader in the case of the book. Jack tries to be the dominate being of everybody, and often beats those who do not follow his way. His introduction of having the choir boys following him down the hot, sandy beach in black cloaks in two straight lines was not warning enough about his dictatorial way of leading, then what is? Simon is no better, he
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