Theme Of Literature In The Tempest

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Adapting a literary work in to a film is a complex process as it is the transformation of verbal language into visual language, which consists of visual and verbal signifiers. The signifiers in the visual medium convey more concrete signifieds which makes it a powerful medium to convey or question ideologies prevalent in the society. Our society which is basically phallocentric, is constantly engaged in the activity of identity creation. This helps it to perpetuate the laws of patriarchy. Literature and films are two powerful mediums through which these notions are propagated. Both these streams make use of their own signification systems to construct identities. In patriarchal construction, woman is always regarded as the ‘Other’, the passive ones whose value lies in their virginity and their reproductive power. William Shakespeare, one of the great dramatists, too has followed this pattern. His play The Tempest revolves around a male character Prospero and the identity of other characters lies in relation to this male character. Julie Taymor’s movie The Tempest can be regarded as a re- reading of Shakespeare’s play. She brings in a major change in her adaptation. She changed the gender of the main character- thus Prospero becomes Prospera. Instead of a father/patriarch – daughter relationship, the movie highlights a mother- daughter relationship. By doing this, Taymor challenges the power –hierarchies associated with the concept of gender. The gender roles are closely
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