Theme Of Loneliness

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You don't have to be lonely, at The theme is about loneliness and how country folks are lonely. The four stories that relate to loneliness is “To Build a Fire”, “Of Mice and Men”, “The Life you save, May be your own”, and “The Lottery”. They all four have loneliness in the story at one point or another. In the story “To Build a Fire”, the main character goes off on his own and tries to survive against the weather. In “Of Mice and Men” there are two main characters who always traveled together till some tragic incident happens, which leaves one guy to travel alone. The “Life you save, May be you own” is about a guy who travels alone. He tricked a family to get some of their belongings. The “lottery” is about one individual having to sacrifice their life to the town. Loneliness can put someone down and feel left out. Of Mice and Men is about two men who travel across the country trying to make enough money to buy themselves their dream home. (Steinbeck) George is a small guy who is a lot wiser than Lennie. Lennie is a lot slower than most people and does not understand a lot of things that go on.(Steinbeck) He knows he can not get into trouble because George told him he will not be able to tend the…show more content…
(O’Connor)He only has one arm. He noticed the two women sitting on the front porch. He walked to their house and ended up convincing them he can do work for them if they give him food. After he has been there he noticed the old car in the garage. He always really wanted the vehicle.. The mom had the idea for him to marry lucynell. Which is her daughter. She knew that her daughter didn't have a chance to find anyone else. So Tom went with the idea. After fixing the car up, they ended up getting married. After that he wanted to go on there honeymoon. (O’Connor) While he was driving he stopped at a diner about 100 miles away from the house. Lucynell was asleep so
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