Theme Of Loneliness In Of Mice And Men

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In the book Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck, he writes about two men one named Lennie and one named George having a dream, but is ruined through the troubles of Lennie 's doings. This book was written in the 1930’s talking about migrant workers and how they survived through that era. In that era all migrant workers preferably work alone, but with George and Lennie they stick together because Lennie is a more challenged person so he doesn 't know his wrong doings which causes lots of trouble for George. On page 94, one of the most significant passages is written on having a dialogue between George and Candy about how they were unable to get the farm because Lennie had ruined their chances of getting it. Steinbeck creates a motif of loneliness through the different characters he writes about, ties in different strands of the story to make one storyline, and foreshadows events to come. As Steinbeck progresses through the book he creates a motif of loneliness is revealed throughout the book from various characters. Overall, the book shows how loneliness is threaded from beginning to the end, especially in the most crucial paragraph. In the beginning of the book on page 45 Candy has a dog that he 's “had from a pup” and he 's “so used to him,” but since the dog is so old, Carlson points out the fact the dog is incapable of doing anything. Ever since Carlson killed Candy’s dog he has been lonely because he 's one of the oldest members isolating him from the rest due to
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