Theme Of Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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“Just less than 30 percent of workers land their dream job, or work in some related field, according to a recent LinkedIn survey of about 8,000 professionals.” Not “a lot of people end up doing the dream they want. I believe that In “Raisin in the Sun,” the author conveys the theme that dreams morph who you are by developing key character’s identity. Two characters that show that are Beneatha and Walter, who throughout the book show how their dreams affected them as a human. Beneatha values her education as much as Walter values his business In the beginning of the book there is a poem that shows the many ways not accomplishing your dream can with that dream. Examples from the poem showing that it can are “Maybe it just sags. Like a heavy load.”…show more content…
Beneatha is always mocked by Walter that she should assist to her husband as a nurse then be something bigger than her husband since she’s a lady. In the story Beneatha says, “Oh, I probably will… but first I’m going to be a doctor, and George, for one still thinks that’s funny. I couldn’t be bothered with that. I’m going to be a doctor and everybody around here better understand that” (Pg. 50). Basically proving that Beneatha is against most of the males in her life, such as Walter and George in her life, in the situation of becoming a doctor. Walter doesn’t think the money was worth her medical school and George doesn’t believe that woman should become doctors just as same thought as Walter. This supporting my claim by showing that Beneatha is always determined or yelling at her family because they are not behind, and supporting her path to achieve the dreams she has for herself. In “Raisin in the Sun” the author conveys the theme that dreams morph who you are by developing key character’s identity. Two people that exemplify this are Beneatha and Walter are people who let their dreams shape who they are in the present. Walter’s dream of owning a business created his identity of being depressing and inconsiderate of his family. While Beneatha’s dream of becoming a doctor created her identity of being a strong,determined young lady who trying not to let the non supportive
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