Theme Of Love By Thomas Keats

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In the first stanza, Keats expresses his romantic sympathy by describing Isabella and her lover as a tortured pair who “could not in the self-same mansion dwell / Without some stir of heart, some malady” (3–4).They don’t share their feelings to each other but they have their eyes to express of their presence and spend the happy moment, which this poem briefly calls "love" (Heinzelman, 1988, p. 177). He is like a palmer but psychologically never stronger than a child. He has the lacks the power to speak, to declare himself and also of his love. Each lover eventually submits to the paradox of seeing self-interest and personal well-being as the presence of the other: They could not sit at meals but feel how well It soothed each to be the other by; They could not, sure, beneath the same roof sleep (5-7) At last, Isabella takes the step to convey her feeling to Lorenzo but without hurting him. She speaks: " 'Lorenzo! '-here she ceas 'd her timid quest, / But in her tone and look he read the rest" (55-56). She declares his name in expressing of her love. So said, his erewhile timid lips grew bold, And poesied with hers in dewy rhyme: Great bliss was with them, and great happiness (I, 69-71) There is both the weakness and the greatness of such type of love, originating in an idea of selfhood that is too simple to be sustained. Lorenzo is as good as dead for the same reason that the lovers are as good as separated from the moment that the capitalist brothers appear in the poem.
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