Theme Of Love In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Just like movie genres, love has its own genres. In Anthem, by Ayn Rand, only one genre of love is allowed, brother love. Not the kind of brother love one sees in family households. Ayn Rand creates a society whose main focus is equality. To get there, the society works for the common good thus creating a collectivist society. In their eyes it is a sin to be smarter, prettier, taller, or in any way different. It takes an unconquered odd ball to find the truth of love. When Equality, the main character in Anthem, escapes this society he finds himself living in a life full of false emotions. Equality finds the truth of family love, friendship love, and romance love. The love one gives to their family is an affectionate love. One would do anything and everything to protect their loved ones. In Anthem, to give equality to everyone the council decided to make everyone “brother”. It…show more content…
Anthem is a society full of brothers, therefore everyone is family. Well that is what they call it. In reality their family is more of a comrade society. Equality feels romance love for the first time as he meets Liberty. He says, “‘Our dearest one’, we whispered. Never have men said that to a woman” (Rand 56). He starts to rise her a little above all others. This shows a connection between Equality and Liberty. Their love is confirmed when Equality states, “Our son will be raised as a man” (Rand 100). He willingly wants to create a family with the one he puts above everyone else. Equality finds the truth of family love, friendship love, and romance love. As he escapes the only living style he knows to live, he discovers a whole other style of life. He gives freedom to any kind of love there is to feel. Freedom to feel what one wants to feel. He gives himself freedom to love the one he cherishes, liberty. All it took was an unconquered oddball to burst the bubble of
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