Theme Of Love In Junot Diaz's Drown

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Love in general means have a warm heart feeling for people between man and women. A healthy relationship means a warm relationship that cannot brother by other important event. Both man and women respect each other simply. The book Drown was written by Junot Diaz which was published on 1996. It was a collection of many stories. The book had described the love relationship between Yunior and Aurora, but they did not finally in love. Did Yunior and Aurora fell in love? Yunior and Aurora do not really know what love is. “We don’t see each other much. Twice a month, four times maybe. Time don’t flow right with me these days but I know it ain’t often. I got my own life now, she tells me but you don’t need to be an expert to see that she’s flying again. That’s what she’s going on, that’s what’s new.” (Drown P53-54) Aurora and Yunior did behave as if they were in love. Both of them did not too many conversations in face to face. When people are in love, do they see each other more than twice a month? In…show more content…
At one point in the story Junior says, “On some nights—especially when Cut’s fucking his girl in the next bed-I want to be like that again. I think I’m one of those guys who lives too much in the past. Cut’ll be working his girl and she’ll be like, Oh yes, damelo duro, Papi, and I’ll just get dressed and go looking for her. She still does the apartment thing but hangs out with a gang of crackhead, one of two girls there, sticks with this boy harry. She says he’s like her brother but I know better. Harry’s a little pato, a carbon, twice beat by me. On the nights I find her she clings to him like she’s his other nut, never wants to step outside for a minute.” (Drown P54) From this big part, it can fully explain and answer the second question. Junior define love that love is should be based on both. Even though the Aurora and Yunior did not talk too much at the first hand. But then they continue the relationship between
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