Beatrice And Benedick Relationship Essay

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In Much Ado About Nothing, the relationship between Benedick and Beatrice develops throughout the course of the play. As their relationship develops from hatred to friendship to romance, these characters are forced to make sacrifices in order to make room for the new love in their lives. Benedick, in particular, makes a sacrifice out of love that shows the powerful impact of love on his life. Benedick’s willingness to sacrifice his friendship with Claudio for Beatrice demonstrates the emboldening, life-changing impact that love has on a person’s values and loyalties. Benedick’s loyalties completely shift from his fellow soldiers to Beatrice after he and Beatrice profess their love for each other. When Beatrice asks Benedick to duel Claudio for her, he agrees and plans to duel him. Benedick and Claudio are best friends who had fought in battle together, but the love of a woman completely changes Benedick’s allegiance from his fellow soldiers to his new love. Before falling in love with Beatrice, Benedick would have done everything possible to protect his brothers in battle. Now, love has emboldened him to make a choice that he would not have previously made. Benedick’s sacrifice of a meaningful friendship proves that he is now completely devoted to his relationship with Beatrice and is willing to do whatever necessary to preserve that relationship. In addition, Beatrice calls upon Benedick’s honor when she asks him to duel…show more content…
These sacrifices can show what is important to a character and whether or not their values fall into unison with the values of society. Benedick’s sacrifice reveals that his values are true to societal norms, and that he is willing to do whatever necessary to defend Beatrice’s honor and that of her family. Sacrifices are a part of life, and analyzing the value of the reward versus the cost of the risk is an important aspect of successful
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