Theme Of Love In Shakespeare's Sonnet

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Shakespeare believes that the time is a very destructive force. It is so powerful that it can decay and destroy every mortal things of the world. Nothing is out from the clutch of time and its shadow. “And every fair from fair sometimes declines, In this scenario, Saraswathy R. Murthy rightly said, “The theme of love is certainly the predominant theme of the sonnets of Shakespeare. This theme is basic spirit of all sonnets of him. His treatment of love has something divine quality. “His love is ideal love and surpasses the love of Dante for his Beatrice and the love of Petrarch for his Laura. Nor could Mrs. Browning, in her sonnets, written much later and addressed to her husband, equal Shakespeare’s ardor and fervor.” 5 It is classical…show more content…
But as the time passes, it is also dimmed of its gold complexion. Therefore, we can see that everything-‘darling buds of May’, ‘summer’s lease’ and ‘golden complexion’ of the sun are Harsh and strong winds of summer spoil the blossoms of May. Summer’s span is too short. The use of the word ‘lease’ reminds us of the fact that every beautiful thing remains so for a limited period of time only. After some time beauty of things will be forcibly taken away by chance or nature’s changing course. So, here the ‘gold complexion’ of the sun even dims and “every fair from fair sometimes declines.” In the first seventeen sonnets which are called the procreation sonnets, Shakespeare makes an earnest request to his beloved fair lord to find a woman to bear his child so that his beauty might be preserved for posterity. In all these seventeen sonnets, he presents the time as a powerful instrument and force. He establishes this fact through much imagery like military winter and the sun. In sonnets no. 2, the poet urges his friend to get married and beget a child who would inherit his beauty and keep it alive. If the friend does not marry, the time will snatch his beauty and in due course his traces of beauty will be
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