Theme Of Love In Sister Of My Heart

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bonding both in its social and psychological perspective. She foregrounds a range of relationships including mother-daughter bonding, sibling relationship and the organization between widowed mothers in the description. The major focus of the novel is on Friendship between Anju and Sudha, who are truly distant cousins and who grant support and curing to each other in times of crisis. Sunday Times (London) eulogises the novel as portraying a poignant relationship of enduring love between two women.

Their love for one another is on an equal plane but their socio-economic backgrounds are different. Anju has more social and economic advantages than Sudha, because Anju’s family is wealthy and socially prominent. Anju’s family’s wealth and social position permit her to transcend the restrictive demands of traditional Hindu Indian female gender notions, which might eventually prevent her from fulfilling the roles of wife and mother. Anju gets the privilege of concentrating on her studies as well as her career, despite the calamities that she faced in her life. On contrast Sudha and her mother are not economically independent. They have to depend on
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Morrison‟s idea that friendship between women is essential to all other relationships has been bourne out in Sister of my Heart. From beginning to end their childhood they “bathed together and ate together , often from the same plate , feeding each other our favourite items . . .” and “lay in twin beds” (12) at night giggling and whispering till they slept , and when they had nightmares they “squeezed into one bed and held each other” (12) . This kind word between the two girls soon became a matter of grave concern for the neighbours as well as the teachers at their convent school who considering it to be not „normal‟ (12) transformed their sections. But soon the penalty of their cautious decision forced them to re-consider
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