Theme Of Love In Sonnet 116

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The theme of love is presented in different ways by the poets to express strong viewpoints on love. Many poets, including Shakespeare, believe that love is spontaneous and immeasurable. However, other poets such as Carol Ann Duffy display the negatives of love. She emphasises the intimidating and overpowering aspect of love. On the other hand, Browning conveys the message that love is dangerous and revenge can be murderous. I believe, love is an incredibly complex concept, where there is a range of different emotions. Love is like a rollercoaster; there are numerous ups and downs. Overall, the poets present many focal aspects of love, however, I will be focusing on the definition of love, separation, and betrayal. In the poem ‘Sonnet 116’, Shakespeare explores the theme of love through the use of linguistic techniques such as structure and metaphorical language. Shakespeare structures his poem using iambic…show more content…
Robert Browning structures his monologue using an iambic pentameter and in rhyming couplets. The Duke is dominant and believes women to be possessions which is made clear by " Will't please you sit and look at her?". This use of a rhetorical question implies; women are objects, their sole purpose is to be admired. This quotation is also an example of the Duke's commanding nature as he forces the messenger to look at the painting through the use of a rhetorical question, implying that the messenger has no choice. The Duke accentuates his dominance and the Duchess’ inferiority in the relationship by mentioning "and I choose Never to stoop." This quotation further depicts the Duke's lack of respect for the Duchess. Furthermore, this quotation highlights the self-absorbed and arrogant nature of the Duke. In addition, the repetitive use of the personal pronoun "she" emphasises her lack of
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