Theme Of Love In Sons And Lovers

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The plot of HD Lawrence’s novel “Sons and Lovers” is full of events which play a tremendous role in the main character’s education. The writer constructed the story from the combination of complicated feelings between men and women that always confront and contradict each other, especially if it concerns love. The book illustrates several types of love and relationship, for example, between man and woman, mother and son. The love in this novel is also presented in its various aspects. Platonic love, the one that Paul experienced with Miriam, that is concentrated on the spiritual and emotional side of the relationship and excludes any manifestation of physical love. Physical love, the love between Paul and Clara, which represents only sexual desire and attraction, but lacks any spiritual part of love. And, finally, parental love that is the topic of this essay and will be discussed in this paper more detailed. This novel gives the reader food for thought to think about afterwards. For example, how strong maternal love can be, how powerful the ties that bind mothers and sons together are, that they do not even let them breathe freely and live separately from each other like some invisible navel string still binds them even after delivery. The power of this sort of love defines Paul’s relationship with his mother. Nothing happens without any particular reason, and some past events contributed to the formation of such kind of love. To begin with, Mrs Morel was not
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