Theme Of Love In The Book Thief

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One of the most prominent themes in the Book Thief by Markus Zusak is that love can be found anywhere. The theme of love can be found anywhere is illustrated throughout the novel by author 's craft by showing Liesel 's feelings, emotions, and characterization. Liesel used to be an introverted person and did not like to talk. She ended up finding relief in books and her new friends. She has had her old family ripped right away from her. Her mother was going to be taken away because she was a communist and her brother passed away. She learns how to find love in books and literature, to have true friends, and to love again. The characters in the story teach Liesel this theme that love can be found anywhere in the story as each of them creates an impact of Liesel’s life.

At the start of the Book Thief, Liesel starts learning the theme of love can be found everywhere through her feelings and emotions. She learned to first love books when she first arrived on Himmel Street. At that point, she could not read. As soon as Papa found out she could not read, he taught her. She found relief in books when her brother died when she stole the Gravedigger 's Handbook. The first time she risked herself for literature was the book
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Most would recognize one of the prominent themes that is found in the Book Thief is love can be found everywhere. Markus Zusak presents this theme throughout the Book Thief by characterization through Liesel’s character traits, actions, and words. This theme is universal because you can find love in anything. She discovered her love for literature during one the toughest parts of her life. Liesel found friends that would do anything to protect her even endanger their own lives. She learned to love Mama and Papa like they were her own blood. Liesel had a tough life, and she still ended up loving and trusting people. What would you do if your life was spun upside down? Would you learn to love again? Would you still believe love can be found
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