Theme Of Love In The Great Gatsby

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The love in different stratum
Introduction: About why Daisy didn’t marry with Gatsby and why Gatsby and Daisy finally can’t get together, there are too many articles to discuss. These articles analyzed these character 's different fate from their personality and traits, like The evaluation of Daisy•Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, The interpreting of character in The Great Gatsby seems to show that their love is the victim of the age and the worship of money, but these articles didn’t analyze from the perspective of stratum why they can 't get to together finally. This article according to the order of the first love and reunion to analyze why they can 't get together, so as to explore the enlightenment that the "American dream" bring to us from the perspective of stratum.
1. The beautiful first love
As we all know, Gatsby and Daisy met at the party and fell in love with ether other at the first sight, and then they immersed in the beautiful of first love. At this time, love existed in Gatsby and Daisy, because they were so young, pure and full of passion that didn 't realize a series of problems caused by the difference of substance and stratum. However, with the outbreak of the First World War, Gatsby was forced to join the army. Daisy waited until the end of the war, Gatsby still hasn 't come back, a year later, and Daisy married the wealthy Buchanan.
There are two reasons caused this result: on the one hand, the reason of Gatsby didn’t back in time is he want to come back
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