True Love Worth's Unknown Shakespeare Summary

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Another aspect of love that is shown in the sonnet by Shakespeare is that true love cannot be priced. This is shown in the phrase “Whose worth 's unknown, although his height be taken”, the subject here focuses on the north star, however, there is an ambiguous meaning as we understand the north star refers to true love, thus the phrase is in fact focused on true love. We are unable to estimate nor predict how much true love is worth as it’s price is “unknown”. However, we are able to take the “height” of true love. Since height is a measurement, we are able to comprehend the length of true love, which is eternal. To conclude this phrase, it suggests that the price of true love is unknown, which conveys that true love cannot be bought with…show more content…
She then wish her “babe had ne’er been born”, this phrase suggests how regretful and sorrowful the woman is as she was unable to work, and no welfare was provided at the time. She also couldn’t ask her friends for help as the society was very rejecting towards single mothers. Instead she needs to weep and beg “on a stranger’s knee”. However, the main reason she regrets having the child is due to the state and condition she is currently in. The child would not be be nurtured in a decent living standard and may be harmful to the child’s childhood. This idea is shown in the phrase “I’ve made its pillow on a thorn”. The noun “pillow” suggests the child’s life and setting the “pillow on a thorn” is a uncomfortable situation.

The poem Catrin is named after the author’s daughter, Catrin, the writer highlights the conflicts and differences in the relationship of the parent and child. There are two verses in the entire poem. Both verses show the confrontation between the mother and the child and the two different stages in life. However, there is a difference as the first verse uses words in past tense to show it is from the past, whereas the second verse uses words in present tense to show it is happening
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