Theme Of Love In The Tempest

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Throughout The Tempest there are many prevalent themes. One of the most widespread is love and character’s interactions because of love. The story displays many kinds of love; between couples or lovers, between family, and one’s love for their home. There is the lover’s bond shared by Ferdinand and Miranda, the lover story with hardships created by Prospero. There is the family love shared by Prospero and Miranda, as well as the love between Alonso and Ferdinand. Then there is the love for one’s home, Prospero and Antonio for their kingdom, Alonso for his kingdom, and Caliban for the island. There are many different characters, and their interactions reflect how strongly they love, whether it be for family or home, these characters are passionate and show it in different ways (some more violently than others). The first form of love, that seems to be most prominent in Shakespeare, is couples or lovers. The “lovers” relationship is most noticeable in one couple; Ferdinand and Miranda. These two are victims of the classic phrase, “love at first sight”, becoming infatuated with one another from their first interaction. They begin by discussing the work that Prospero has given Ferdinand in III,i,15.2-91. This is a key point in character development, not only for Ferdinand and Miranda, but for Prospero as well, as he listens and learns of their love and tires to get them together. Prospero wants a good, powerful marriage for his daughter and he works to secure Ferdinand as her
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