Theme Of Love In Wuthering Heights

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The Problem with Love in Wuthering Heights The Victorian Era began around the time of Queen Victoria’s reign. It started in 1837 and ended in 1901, with Queen Victoria’s death ("Victorian England”). It was a time of great economic, social and political changes. Novels were the main form of expression in the early Victorian period. Novels from this time were highly vivid, expressive and were the ideal form to define contemporary lifestyle. One of the most popular writers during this period was Emily Bronte. She wrote one of the most exceptional pieces of fiction, Wuthering Heights, a true love story. The drive for social advancement, marrying above one’s station and any attempt to improve one’s social standing are all characteristics of Victorian literature. Wuthering Heights subjects the reader to a love triangle that bares all and leaves no stone unturned. This pushed the limits of the Victorian period, which caused Emily’s book to become unpopular until later on. In Wuthering Heights, is Emily Brontë truly pushing the limits of Victorian literature? Is she supporting the status and keeping conservative values in Wuthering Heights and values of the Victorian times? Wuthering Heights is a love triangle between Catherine, Heathcliff, and Edgar. Heathcliff and Catherine grew up together due to Heathcliff being adopted into the family, after being found in the streets. They are so alike in character, desires and disposition that at one point in the story Catherine says "I AM
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