Theme Of Loyalty In Harry Potter

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Upon entering the world of Harry Potter, readers are enlightened about a “boy who lived,” yet as the books continue it becomes evident that Harry Potter only survives with the help of allies and friendships. Harry relies on his strong friendships, without them he wouldn’t survive. One solid friendship, in particular is Ron Weasley, who has had Harry’s back since day one on the Hogwarts express. Ron quickly becomes the greatest friend Harry would ever need, giving Harry a family and someone to lean on. By means of Harry’s fame, Ron may be hidden in Harry’s shadow, described as an underdog or a sidekick, but despite this, Ron Weasley displays a great sense of devotion towards, not only Harry but everyone he cares about. As Ron’s Journey unfolds,…show more content…
One hidden loyalty aspect is sacrifice. Ron displays sacrifice during the first book of the Harry Potter installment, Sorcerer’s Stone, when he takes charge during live wizard chess. Despite the worry he feels that he won’t measure up to his brothers or his close friends, he realizes his place during the game. He makes the choice to sacrifice himself, so Harry is able to continue on. Ron explains, “That’s chess. You’ve got to make sacrifices! I’ll take one step forward and she’ll take me – that leaves you free to checkmate the king, Harry” (Sorcerer’s Stone 283). Through this sacrifice, Ron realizes his own courage and helps Harry reach his destination. Although Ron is the sidekick, his loyalty shines in the little moments, which lead to the extraordinary…show more content…
A continual fame Ron wished he could have. Throughout the first four books, it becomes evident that the Weasley’s are relatively poor, something Ron has had to struggle with all his life. He wears hand-me-downs, and endures mocking and ridicule because of his family’s status, yet his best friend is the most famous wizard in the entire wizarding world. By the time the name “Harry Potter” came out of the goblet, Ron was tired of it. He had trusted Harry immeasurably, but this caused him to feel cheated. Harry doesn’t understand the jealousy Ron feels towards him because Harry doesn’t view his fame as a good thing, which leads Harry to question Ron’s behavior.
“‘Look,” said Hermione patiently, “it’s always you who gets all the attention, you know it is. I know it’s not your fault,” she added quickly, seeing Harry open his mouth furiously. “I know you don’t ask for it … but – well – you know, Ron’s got all those brothers to compete against at home, and you’re his best friend, and you’re really famous he’s always shunted to one side whenever people see you, and he puts up with it, and he never mentions it, but I suppose this is just one time too many….” (Goblet of Fire
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