Theme Of Loyalty In The Soul Of Caliban

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Imagine you are a dog, an ugly dog, and I mean ugly. Imagine you lost respect from your master, even after doing everything right. You are loyal, but judged by one mistake. So now I’m going to tell you how loyalty doesn 't guarantee you respect. When Caliban, the dog, was loyal and protected the baby, the master and his wife thought it was him. Throughout Emma-Lindsay Squier’s story, The Soul of Caliban it’s clear that loyalty doesn’t guarantee respect. One example that loyalty doesn 't guarantee respect occurred when the dog, Caliban, chose to follow his master, but still got jealous. So the owner didn 't respect him at the end. Emma- Lindsay wrote, “Perhaps it 's too much that he could count the sheep his master onew. And if any…show more content…
The second example of loyalty doesn 't guarantee respect, also occurred when Caliban flung the kitten up in the air and the kitten survives. And he learns that you cannot hurt a “week, helpless little thing” but his master did know that he felt that way and he loses his respect. Emma-Lindsay Squire wrote “ Caliban had one abiding cats… caliban loathed them, chased them savagely, killed the mercilessly… they usually died with a broken neck and a broken back… he leaned at the gray cat, caught her, flung her up into the air… he say he had not killed her. He came nearly, ready to shake her with precisely deathly twist that he knew so well. Still she did not move. She could not. She only mewed, a very small, pitiful mew, and her stunned body twitched a little. Caliban hesitated, sniffed at her, turned away. After all, he seemed tell himself, you could not kill a weak, helpless thing like that- a thing that could not run. Leon Suprenon came out and found the little cat. He took her up very gently… Caliban Leon sternly, that was not a sportsmanlike thing to do. I am ashamed of you”(22-26). In the story Caliban felt so bad after he hurt the cat and dogs don’t show emotions, so I felt his master didn 't give his trust back because he almost killed the cat and he didn 't know how Caliban felt inside, so he made an assumption and didn 't trust him anymore. And then he freaked out and I understand, but he doesn’t see the whole picture. Truthfully, I believe Caliban felt bad. They became really good friends, and he could have killed her right after he flung her into the air, but instead he saw what he did a
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