Theme Of Loyalty In Toni Morrison's Sula

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The idea of loyalty as a theme in Toni Morrison’s Sula can be refuted in the fact that there are many occasions when the sense of trust was broken, even though it can also be proven in the characters non-stopped attempt to be there for one another that there was some kind of assurance. In Toni Morrison’s Sula, the representation of a struggling young woman who symbolized more than what she was credited for was created. Her life had not been like most coming of age women. She endured the death of her mother up close and personal, continued to be criticized and unpleased by her community, and soon fluctuated towards her own death. Through this, Toni Morrison focused on the unjust relationships within the novel that pointed back to the antagonist, Sula. One relationship that emphasized the fluctuation of loyalty is the connection between mother and daughter. This relationship is closely shined upon as the dominant figures, such as men, are decrease and eliminated from the lives of the women. Morrison has created several instances where there is a conflict between Hannah and Sula in order to emphasize the central theme of loyalty by demonstrating the selflessness mothers possess to provide for their children. While creating a complication between mother and daughter, Morrison also fulfilled the problematic trust that is displayed within the friendship of Sula and Nel. This relationship was used in order to display the everlasting loyalty that true friendships hold. All in all,
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