Theme Of Lying In Huck Finn

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In the beginning of the novel, we see that Huck is quick to deceive to save his own skin. However, on his travels, he learns that lying is not always the best choice and that it is morally correct to tell the truth. Again, an example is when Huck is participating in the King and the Duke’s swindle. While partaking in a plan to steal the girls’ will, Huck starts to feel uncomfortable. As he spends time with the girls, he sees how sweet they are, and one even starts to grow on him. In the end, he confesses the Duke and the King’s plot to this girl, Mary Jane. After, he tells himself "I reckon a body that up and tells the truth when he is in a right place is taking considerable many resks, though I ain 't had no experience, and I can 't say
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