Character Sketch Of Iago In Othello

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In the story of Othello by William Shakespeare, there are both many underlying and blatant prejudices, stereotypes, and manipulations. The main manipulator and antagonist, Iago, reveals many of these through manipulating the primary character Othello, his wife Desdemona, the Lieutenant Cassio, Desdemona’s father Brabantio, and other minor characters. While Iago himself is a shrewd conniver, he exploits other people’s selfish intents and views to further himself in status. When he manipulates them, he brings to light their more sinister aspects. Iago is a despicable but knowledgeable person, but when he reveals his knowledge of the people around him, he shows that not everyone, including himself, has the best intentions or has unblinded perspectives. Iago stirs the jealousy and animosity of the people around him, including himself. When Iago requires the help of Roderigo, he convinces him by proclaiming the injustice brought upon him with Cassio being made lieutenant instead of himself. Because he believes Cassio to be inexperienced as he’s “never set a squadron on the field,” (Shakespeare 1.1.23) and he’s had “mere prattle without practice” (Shakespeare 1.1.27). Iago’s…show more content…
With his ambition to rise to the status of “the Moor,” he exploits and influences the people around him in order to achieve that goal. By using Roderigo’s love of Desdemona, Othello’s trust in him, and the intentions of those around him, he attains that goal, but his actions soon catch up to him and his “web” unravels. Although Iago was the mastermind behind the plan, it was the already dark intentions of the individuals around him that enabled his exploitation of them. It is learned that although he may manipulate to get his way, his behavior proved to be not only his downfall, but the downfall of

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