Theme Of Marriage In Pride And Prejudice

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Taylor Boesch
Mrs. Schroder
English IV
13 February 2018
Marriages in Pride and Prejudice In the novel Pride and Prejudice, many marriages arise throughout the story. Jane Austen creates many relationships between people whether they are polar opposites or perfect for each other. During the Regency period marriage was very important to families, most of the mothers during this era wanted their daughters to marry into money to have a successful future and a fortunate family. Austen states that a single man “must be in want of a wife” therefore all the women are on the lookout for a good fitting husband. The different marriages in this novel are unexpected, interesting, and even heart warming. These characters all get married under different circumstances, but in the end they all happened for a reason to create a more well rounded story. The first marriage seen in the novel is between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Their marriage is one of a kind to say the least. Mrs. Bennet is overdramatic when it comes to finding husbands for each of her daughters, whereas Mr. Bennet could care less if his daughters find a handsome, wealthy man, he just likes to joke around and make fun of his wife because she is foolish. Together they are an example of how not to treat each other in a marriage. Mrs. Bennet is always nagging and thinks she is a perfect match maker when in reality she really doesn’t know a lot about real love. The marriage between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet can be rocky at times but they
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