Theme Of Masculinity In Disney Movies

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With Walt Disney’s successful corporation, Disney movies have been watched from one generation to another. The Disney Corporation has a massive reputation due to its major television network, radio stations, bestselling cartoons, computer games, and clothing. This specific corporation has a huge cultural influence, which has been seen over time. Every movie by the Disney Corporation has been firstly released in theatres worldwide, as well as securing each movie’s popularity with a 7-year rotation so it can interest the upcoming generations. The power of success that the movies have is capable of forming the way each child thinks about their personal interests, who they are and what kind of person they should be. As Disney fans, it came to our attention that the representation of male characters and masculinity has changed over time.…show more content…
According to our analysis, it has been found that masculinity in Disney movies doesn’t match with hegemonic masculinity historically. Fatherhood movement has been the strongest theme that has still been portrayed until this decade. It is important to observe the construction of male gender and masculinity within. Those typical stereotypes are being consumed…show more content…
Good and evil characters were most likely to be slender and fit compared to neutral characters, and neutral characters were most likely to be overweight compared to good and evil characters. An example of a good slender and fit character is the Prince from Sleeping Beauty. The Prince wears clothing that clearly shows his physical build and he is not overweight. He has an average size frame. He is slender and tall. Peter Pan is another good character that is slender and fit. He has an average build and is not overweight. The Sultan, princess Jasmine’s father, from Aladdin is a neutral character that is

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