Theme Of Maturation In The Nest

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The Maturation of Jimmy Swanson in “The Nest”
An important part of growing up is when the child can stand up for themselves and be able to defend their own opinions. The main character, Jimmy Swanson learns this through arguing with his mother and trying to convince her that his friend, Paul is a good kid. Jimmy is very obedient and unable think for himself, he does not realize that all his decisions are made for him by his mother. However, this all changes when Jimmy so desperately needs to prove to his mother that Paul isn 't a rebellious child. In the short story "The Nest", Robert Zacks effectively uses conflict and dilemma in the rising action and climax to display Jimmy 's growth when he didn 't listen to his mother and ran, even going as far as inviting Paul over to his house even though it is against his mother 's wishes.
Before Jimmy 's The Rite of Passage he was mostly an obedient child that listens to everything his parents tell him. Jimmy isn 't used to being so rebellious, while he took a break from running he second guesses himself, feeling uncertain about running away. ”It was confusing. Jimmy shook his head in bewilderment. Suddenly he felt uncertain; the rebellion drained out of him”(2). This represents Jimmy 's uncertainty to disobey his parents and run away.
Jimmy always wants to please his parents and often thinks of the consequences of his actions as a result of being so used to obeying his parents.”But Jimmy, in one cloud, saw the stern face of his
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