Theme Of Mayella's Loneliness In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Yet another factor contributing to Mayella being pitiful is that she is very lonely. Mayella's lonesome is due too many reasons namely, she has no companions. During the trial, Atticus asks her if she has any friends, and she appears to be confused and feels insulted even by the question. (Lee, ?) She is so lonely, she can't even comprehend the concept of having friends. She thinks Atticus is belittling her by asking this question. Additionally, Mayella is the eldest of many siblings, she has seven (Lee, 244). Mayella has the role of being their caretaker, not a friend or playmate. This creates a social divide between Mayella and the younger Ewell children.

In addition, Mayella's mother is dead and she has an absentee father. Atticus asks her how long her mother had been dead and she replies “Don't know-long time.” (Lee, 244). No one is around to be a parent to Mayella. The absence of a mother in Mayella's life subtracts from her life.
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In conclusion, the causes of Mayella Ewell's loneliness can be contributed to a few things and a lack of a confidant is the main reason, with zero friends, nor a close sibling and no responsible parental figure,
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