Theme Of Meaning In Awakening

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Throughout the movie “Awakenings” we have noticed the use of lighting changing in each scene competently to create a certain mood or to help the viewer to foreshadow. All through the film, we have met the two main characters Dr. Sayers and Leonard Lowe, who have a considerable impact on the story.

A) In the opening scene where Leonard was a young boy playing with his friends. The use of lighting is used to create a cloudy, dim and a dull feeling that has supported the story move forward by creating a base of gloominess that allows the remaining of the story to become lighter. During that scene appeared the Brooklyn bridge that arched aboves Leonard supposedly represents a rainbow. The use of dull lighting illustrated the ‘rainbow’ by
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But some of the main one are friendship, hope, as well as suffering. Friendship is one of the main themes due to the harmony that was between Leonard Lowe and Dr. Malcolm Sayers. Hope is also another theme because without hope Dr. Sayers would not have had the opportunity to test the drug on Leonard, thinking that it would work, without the hope that Dr. Sayers had the story would not have been continued. Suffering may be the most important theme because the patients were alive in a frozen body by not being able to communicate, move, or eat. Meaning that they are trapped inside their own…show more content…
Who has eventually realized that he has been in a Catatonic state for the past 30 years of his life and is now a ‘grown adult.’ By way of another explanation, the title of the movie is appropriate to the plot because all we see a peculiar man who has been frozen in the same position for 30 years, who neither moves nor speaks. After that period of time if being in a Catatonic state the patients are "awakened" to a personal freedom they had lost all hope of ever again
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