Theme Of Memory In The Giver

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Imagine if you had no memories from the past? In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry the main character Jonas lives in a perfect world, without any hunger or overpopulation or violence, but when he's assigned the unique job of Receiver of Memories he begins to understand the things that have been sacrificed for his perfect worlds, such as love, choice, independence, and adventure.Jonas and the Giver, make a plan that will return the world to a more loving place.One of the most important themes in the giver is the importance of memory.Lois Lowry develops the theme throughout the novel because as Jonas undergoes his training, he learns that just as there is no pain without memory, there is also no true happiness. In the beginning of the novel, they show the theme in a quote. For example, the author writes, "I started you with memories of pleasure. My previous failure gave me the wisdom to do that"(85).This quote shows the theme because…show more content…
It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared”(154).This quote is significant because it shows how memories are important. For example, they can be life lessons to help you make better choices or provide you with "experience" you need to make your choices.Finally, at the end of the novel, it shows the theme of the importance of memory.

The importance of memory is one of the most important themes in The Giver.The theme matters because the whole story relates to how memory makes you wise and help you choose the correct choices.But The Giver and Jonas are the only people in the community to have memories.In the real world, people make choices relating to their experiences. In The Giver, the people in the community don't have any clue about anything else like war, hunger, and even love.This shows they don't contain wisdom. They need The Giver to make their choices for
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