Theme Of Metamorphosis In The Film Cinderella

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In BiBibbidi Bobbidi Boo from the movie Cinderella (Disney 1950) it contains a strong theme of metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is described as the process of transformation from a certain form into a different type of object or from. Just like in the movie, Cinderella has become a wealthy looking princess from a ragged maid. The first time we witness metamorphosis is when the god mother waves her wand at a pumpkin and white sparkles are produced. As she starts her song the sparkles come out of her wand making their way towards the pumping accompanied with a drum roll. As the sparkles have finally made their way to the pumpkin, it starts to come to life and starts to have human personifications such as walking, and jumping. As the pumpkin settles, the leaves and vines grow longer and eventually transform into spiral wheels and the pumpkin into a large, white, circular stagecoach. As this is happening the godmother says the magic words three times and the stagecoach is surrounded by the white sparkles. There is a lot of symbolism of white in the sequence that represents Cinderella’s purity and kindness.
In the next scene the godmother is seen transforming the four mice into four beautiful large white houses with pink tuffs on their head and golden
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There are only a few parts in the song that make sense that explain that the song is magic and by putting random objects together you will fund something magical. This song is Mickey Mousing. This film technique syncs the accompanying music with the actions of the screen just like it did in Bippity Boppity boo. The music synced up with the magic sparkles that come out of the godmother’s wand as well as the song lyrics. Mickey Mousing and synchronicity help structure the viewing experience, to indicate how events can impact the viewer. The technique enables the music to be a ‘participant’ in the action that is shown on
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