Theme Of Misogyny In Hamlet

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In the book Hamlet, the author uses characterization to show the themes of misogyny, deception in the court, and religion. There are many occurrences of misogyny throughout Hamlet. For example, Laertes is being misogynistic when he explains to Ophelia that she will not be able to tell apart Hamlet’s true intentions. Laertes’ exact words were, “Then think about how shameful it would be for you to give in to his seductive talk and surrender your treasure chest to his greedy hands” (Act 1, Sc. 3, L. 28-31). This qualifies for being misogynistic because Laertes is stating that if Ophelia were to lose here treasure chest of chastity, it would be shameful because she was definitely lulled into bed by Hamlet’s seductive talk. Furthermore, Polonius
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