Theme Of Mistakes In Julius Caesar

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One Mistake “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is often buried with their bones.” A quote with great significance. Even though it was applied to life many years ago in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, it still stands strong in today’s world. Many times the public images of great people have been utterly destroyed due to one wrong doing that would never be forgotten, yet no one wants to remember the person for who they actually were. It seems to be a terrible pattern among humanity, and it is unforgiving. To many people these idles are seemingly perfect to them, when everyone should know that not one single human being has ever been “perfect”. As soon as these idles make one mistake that goes public, their lives are absolutely ruined. I strongly believe that this quote is true because it is very evident in today’s society.…show more content…
Brutus said, “Had you rather Caesar were living and die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, to live all free men?”, along with “But, as he was ambitious, I slew him,” in his speech to the many people questioning the reason for Caesar’s death. Unfortunately the people followed him like sheep and believed what he had to say. It didn’t take much for these people to be convinced that a great man turned bad making his death justified. It just goes to show how true the quote really is. The people, who once loved Caesar greatly, instantly forgot all he has done to help Rome and just accepted the lies. It is so bad that not one person stood up to go against Brutus’s word until Antony ,who was not fooled by his hearty speech, stepped up and brought some sense into the people again.
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