Theme Of Moral Corruption In The Great Gatsby

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THE IMMORAL ROLLS IN THE GREAT GATSBY Within The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald there is more than one main idea, that one can reflect on. The American dream, reality, appearance, and moral corruption are all agreed upon to be the main ideas of The Great Gatsby. The theme of moral corruption is not only established in this novel in a literature but also in a real life form. In this novel, the higher class has presented them selves as morally misleading. The Great Gatsby gives the sensation that there isn’t any spiritual values in the upper class families. One may also get the feeling that the east is a location where money may impact those that live there in a negative manner. An example maybe about Daisy Buchanan and Tom a wealthy espoused couple that evaluates others depending on their wealth. A great example of that is when Daisy was in love with a gentleman named Jay Gatsby and she couldn’t marry him because he didn’t have enough money to his name. He then tried everything of his power to save up so that he can make it up to the…show more content…
Gatsby was an underprivileged man who feels that he can win ha woman that he has always loved (Daisy) back if he earns enough materialistic wealth. When he first meets Daisy Buchanan, Gatsby commits "himself to the following of a grail" (156). The Great Gatsby is a story of an American Dream. Towards the end of the book, Gatsby ends up in a very tight situation awaiting a call from Daisy that did not become a reality, but he passes away an incurable fanaticizing death, still feeling that he will never be able to make his dream a reality by making his long time sweetheart totally his. Nick is then left with the impression that if you devote your valuable time to overtake a girl that you have been admiring for a long time is an exact example of moral corruption. Nick, though, also realizes that without the dream, life is depleted and
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