Theme Of Morality In Antigone

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“But my nature is to love. I cannot hate.” -Antigone (line 599). Antigone is a caring character that stands up for what she believes in and willing to go against any laws that go against her morals. Often times when one is restricted by laws, they disobey them. By disobeying these laws lead to the criticism of others and often lead to people thinking that they are immoral to disobey the laws that are set in order to protect the land. This often leads to controversy among people on whether who is right and who is wrong. In the play Antigone by Sophocles, the character Antigone can be seen as immoral because of her defying the orders of King Creon, but Antigone receives sympathy due to the injustices of her brother, Polyneices, not being buried…show more content…
Throughout the text, Antigone is seen as immoral and dishonorable. This is because of the laws that were put in place by Creon. It is morally unacceptable to disobey Creon as he is the leader of the land. For example, “We saw this girl giving that dead man’s corpse full burial rites - an act you’d made illegal.” (lines 456-457). This piece of text shows how going against Creon’s rule is considered wrong. These people grew up and learned to live with following every rule Creon sets, so to go beyond his set of beliefs, it’s astonishing. So, when Antigone goes against Creon, everyone is shocked. They couldn’t believe that someone was that disrespectful and evil to go against Creon. While the majority of the community believes the Antigone is unprincipled, there are some who believe that Antigone is right to bring justice to her unburied brother. “Yes. Zeus did not announce those laws to me. And Justice living with the gods below sent no such laws for men.” (lines 509-511). This piece of text shows how Antigone doesn’t follow Creon’s laws to bring justice to her brother and also to follow the rules of the god’s. Due to Creon being unfair to Antigone’s brother and allows the reader to see Creon as the “bad guy” and this allows the reader to sympathize and connect with the emotional hardships Antigone went through. All in all, Antigone is a controversial character throughout the play. She could be seen
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