Theme Of Motifs In The Kite Runner

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Khaled Hosseini was a marvellous writer. Hosseini is one of the most widely read and beloved novelists in the world, with more than ten million copies of The Kite Runner sold in the United States, and more than thirty-eight million copies sold worldwide in more than seventy countries. The kite runner tells a story of fierce cruelty and fierce yet redeeming love. Other than that, we can see that this book conveys different motifs in every detail of the plot. Motif is a dominant or recurring idea in an artistic work. There are a range of motif that can show the major idea of this book. This essay will provide information about several motifs that hidden in The Kite Runner. There are three main motifs in The Kite Runner which is brotherhood, loyalty and forgiveness. First, The Kite Runner do say about brotherhood. There is a brotherhood between Hassan and Amir when they were children. “We took turns with the mirror as we ate mulberries, pelted each other with them,…show more content…
There was some scene say about forgiveness. “Nothing you said changes anything. I want us to marry.” (Hosseini, 178) Amir answer Soraya when Soraya told him about her past. Amir forgive Soraya for she ran away with an Afghan man when she was eighteen. Amir does not change his mind after he heard this. He do not mind about Soraya’s past and still wanted to marry with her. “Hassan and Farzana nursed her back to health. They fed her and washed her clothes.” (Hosseini, 227) This is when Hassan’s mother Sanaubar return in his life. He took her in, and treated her as if nothing happened since she left when he was baby. Although Sanaubar is an irresponsible mother and she had missed so many years of Hassan’s life. Hassan still take care of her when she came back. This show that Hassan had a kindness heart, he forgive about her mother throwing him when he was a baby by taking care of her before she

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