Who Is Iago's Motivation In Othello

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Manipulation without Motivation In the tragic play, Othello, William Shakespeare creates the true wickedness of the character, Iago, through his devious plans created to cause the demise of Othello. Shakespeare crafts Iago’s evil characteristic through the way he manipulates others in order to carry out his plans and his unfit motivation for his maliciousness. Shakespeare continues to craft Iago’s evil nature through the manipulation he demonstrates on multiple people in order to carry out a fully executed plan without anyone catching him in the act. In one of Iago’s major soliloquys, he suggests “When devils will the blackest sins put on/they do suggest at first with heavenly shows/As [he does] now,” (II, iii, 260-262) in order for Shakespeare…show more content…
Iago expresses he “hates the Moor” (I, iii, 368) because Othello gave the promotion to Cassio instead of him. Although a good reason to dislike Othello, not receiving a promotion should not lead to the conclusion of the murder of Othello. To continue, Iago explains that “it is thought abroad that ’twixt [his] sheets/ [Othello] done [his] office. [he] know not if’t be true, /But for mere suspicion in that kind, /Will do as if for surety” (I, iii, 324-327) to give another reason for his hatred. Iago admits that he has no proof of Othello’s crime against him, but he still states it as a reason for his hatred. Iago contains too much hatred to be led by a near suspicion which causes the audience to believe that this reason has no truth behind it, and it appears as an excuse. Shakespeare continues to craft the mystery behind Iago’s motives when Iago describes Othello as a man with “constant loving noble nature/ and he dare think hell prove to Desdemona/ a most dear husband” (II, I, 214-216). Iago appears to think of Othello as an incredible man, but he still wants to cause his ultimate downfall. By Shakespeare showing Iago’s other feelings towards Othello it causes the audience to believe Iago’s other

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