Theme Of Narcissism In Beowulf

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The prologue gives an idea of what themes and relationships will be happening at the beginning of the book. I can see the attribution of the human traits that are being shown in nonliving objects, for an example, in the prologue, the lake cries. This sets the tone of the narrative and highlights the living and nonliving things, and forms one of the themes, which is man’s relationship with nature. The story of Narcissus showed selfishness, an example from the prologue is when Narcissus is always looking at his reflection in the lake. The Narcissus story tells us that people are sometimes too focused on themselves, leading to losing sight of others and the things that surround them. I think that there is an element of narcissism in the book when one is following their Personal Legend. Narcissism is self-admiration, and…show more content…
“When men are at war with one another, the Soul of the World can hear the screams of battle. No one fails to suffer the consequences of everything under the sun.” (140) He had to face his fears in order to get to the pyramids. If he didn’t face any barriers, then Santiago would have never completed his Personal Legend, things can’t always be easy, there will be challenges in life which make you better, just like they made Santiago. The alchemist left Santiago at the end of the journey because it was Santiago’s dream, not the alchemists, so he had to complete it on his own, so he learns the meaning of the treasure by himself. “And anyone who interferes with the Personal Legend of another thing never will discover his own.” (136 The alchemist had already completed his job, by teaching the boy the things that surround him and the Language of the World, in order to survive, so there was nothing left for the alchemist to do, he knew that Santiago was ready to be on his
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