Theme Of Narration In The Awakening

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A story can be told in many ways: the sequence of events might be reordered, the narrating time of the events might be different to the narrated time, the person telling the story can be different, we may have more or less information about the characters and their feelings, etc. Nevertheless, in this essay we will focus exclusively on the question ‘Who tells the story?’, or in other words, the point of view in which the story is told. Furthermore, we will display some of the features that this kind of narrator has when telling the story. In order to do so, we will provide examples from The Awakening to prove each characteristic that has being defined. In addition, we will discuss the effects that these characteristics may have on the theme of the ‘awakening’ and how they allow the reader to have a broader vision of the character’s change of ideas and thoughts. The angle of vision in which the story is told suggests us that the narrator has “a view from above” (Genette 100). This narrator is known as third person narrator, which is the predominant in this novel and is usually omniscient, meaning that the narration is told by someone who is exterior to the story and has a panoramic view (Genette 101). This kind of narration is known as external narration due to the fact that the narrator is able to observe the characters and the events from the outside in an objective way, giving the reader an image of both the characters and the actions. This narrator is normally
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