Theme Of Nature In The Poisonwood Bible

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In the Poisonwood Bible, Kingsolver uses nature as a central theme of the novel. Barbara Kingsolver explains it perfectly right in the beginning of the novel “The Forest eats itself and lives forever” (Kingsolver 5). This quote is telling you how it is, that the forest has no mercy and just keeps on going forever. Barbra uses many symbols to show the theme of nature. Like the cause of Ruth May’s death, The Green Mamba. Or The Ants who destroy every inch of the village, Kingsolver also incorporates Gardening to show a deeper meaning to Nathan and his preaching skills, in Georgia and in the Congo. Barbra also uses the Price family’s pet parrot Methuselah as an example of nature. These items all show how Kingsolver's use of nature symbolism is central to development of theme.…show more content…
Although this large, frightening snake is ultimately feared, and also causes the death of a young character in the novel, its is a symbol of the spirit of the jungle. After Ruth May’s sudden and tragic death, it suggests in the novel that she becomes the trees of the vast jungle watching over everyone. In the final chapter of the story it says “I forgive you, Mother. I shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers” (Kingsolver 543). This quotes gives us reason to believe that it is Ruth May that is narrating this final passage, and that she has become the trees and is now apart of
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