Theme Of Nature In The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

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Nature is showcased by Coleridge as this wild force that is simply magnificent, terrifying, mysterious and inconsistent. Even though it spared the mariner, nature’s intention is not always to save mankind. Similar to the sun, the storm that drives the ship southward is also personified as a strong man. This portrayal of nature is a common Romantic theme, which proves its significant worth. Like many Romantic poets during that particular period, Coleridge rejects industrialization and urbanization. He prefers society to be near land and nature. Ultimately Coleridge’s romantic compilation presses that a human can only attain salvation through recognition of God’s creations. The poet succeeds in capturing nature as not only s source of vivid physical beauty but also an indication of actual universal spirit as well. Nature is a living organism as well as an eternal force that no one will fully understand.

Realizing the consequences of his actions, the mariner is so controlled with guilt that it will most likely fade away only with his death. He learns a priceless lesson on moral values and withdraws as “a sadder and a wiser man”. As the story initially begins with the mariner narrating the story to the wedding guests, his need to confess is completely understandable. By forcing others to listen to him, the mariner regains some of that human traits that his crime has stolen from him. Much of the beauty of “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” comes from its dark and serious vibe.
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