Theme Of Patriotism In The Bridge Of Spies

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During the Cold War, conflict between the USSR and the West was at an all time high as they fought for world domination.The overwhelming desire for power created a dangerous and closed minded sense of patriotism.The film, The Bridge of Spies by Steven Spielberg, is structured to explore historical events of the Cold War period in order to emphasize how the theme of patriotism blinds what it means to be human. The film comments on the treatment of
James B. Donovan and Rudolf Abel and how they were isolated because the USSR and the
United States despised espionage so much that everyone chose an animalistic sense of patriotism over remaining civil and maintaining human values.
This film refers to the historical events of the Cold War period by mentioning the
Rosenberg Case, accused spy Rudolf Abel and the story of Francis Gary Powers. The
Rosenbergs were brought up when Donovan was having dinner with his family. Donovan called them, “American traitors” because they committed espionage for the Soviet Union. His distaste for what they did is an example of the patriotism present in his world. At the same time,
Spielberg gives Donovan an opportunity to make sure another execution for espionage does not happen again. This occurs because in the time when Donovan knows about the Rosenbergs, it was not clearly stated that Ethel Rosenberg died with false evidence against her. But now in the present, this information is known, therefore Spielberg creates this pathos filled story of

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