Theme Of Poverty In A Christmas Carol

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Poverty is the state in which you are not in a financial situation to afford your basic needs. Poverty is seen in all time periods; generations upon generations can relate to this struggle. It is a timeless theme, everlasting throughout history and in all parts of the world. Poverty and the separation of classes has been around since mankind invented common currency. Countless authors have explored it through multiple perspectives, bringing attention to the struggles endured by people living in poverty and the divide that happens between the rich and the poor. Charles Dickens is one such author who explored this theme in the 1800’s. Through his classic novella, A Christmas Carol, Dickens portrayed how poverty affects everyone, both rich and…show more content…
The 1800’s was the commencement of the Industrial Revolution; a marked time in our history when the inventions of many new machines helped to make people’s lives easier. Many machines invented and built during this time period helped businesses produce their products much more quickly and with less employees. However good this may have been it also caused many people to lose their jobs to machinery, making the rich richer and the working class poorer. Charles Dickens presented the Industrial Revolution in multiple scenes, but one of the most notable to me is during the Christmas Eve church service. The rich and the poor stood on opposite sides of the church which physically showed the gap between them. Not only were they physically separated, but you could see the difference between the rich and the poor through their clothing. The wealthy had bright and colourful new clothing while the poor had dull, worn clothing and no jewellry or fancy accessories. During the Industrial Revolution the poor not only found it hard to afford new and warm clothing but they also had a difficult time
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