Theme Of Poverty In Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens

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Some novelists , like Dickens have revealed the world of the poor class in his novels and reinforced his novels with “ factual details [ that ] .. really shocked the novel readers .”5 of their time . His fiction suggests that poverty can corrupt innocent characters , as he shows in Oliver Twist , where children are driven to theft to sustain their living . Poverty and injustice are shown to lead to acts of violence . Dickens shows how the man is driven to criminality and theft under the pressure of these factors . Dickens also was fully aware of the victimizaiton of women in Victorian society. Nancy forced into prostitution by poverty, hunger and life in a corrupt environment . The characters who belong to the poor class are depicted as villains , but Oliver Twist illustrates Dickens 's ideas of the dehumanized situation of the poor and his disapproval of patch up solutions for poverty as a social disease . The double role of the novelist as an entertainer and a social critic , has given the novel a unique status within the area of literary forms . Dickens is a serious social critic . Evil always darkens the world of Dickens 's fiction , and indeed Dickens 's novels quite strongly suggest cruelty terrible murders , bloody violence , insane revenge , guilt , terrible imprisonment and sadistic tendencies . These elements justify the use of a term like the 'Macabre '6 which in that they suggest death or lead to it .

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