Theme Of Power And Domination In Hong Kong

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The concept of Power and Domination is often interrelated with each other; embedded into the social structures of a society, either in a visible or in an invisible way. While discussing this theme, tension between the dominant and the subordinate associated with, is often felt. The theme of power and domination is often depicted in one of the social current events, for example, the one that took place in Hong Kong, the “Umbrella Revolution” (CBC News, 2014). It was a movement that was led by Hong Kong federation of students who, at the time, were fighting against oppression from the Chinese. The nature and distribution of power and domination, is shown through the social stratification of different social status, and positions of the members in the social event (Umbrella Revolution), which included the students, Hong Kong executives, the police and the Chinese government authorities. The theme of power and domination, in regard to the current social event, will be delved into by basing it on the theorists and views of the two theorists, Karl Marx and Max Weber. The Umbrella Revolution was the most talked about protests that ever took place in Central Hong Kong. On 26th September, 2014, hundreds of students gathered outside the courtyard in Central Hong Kong to protest, demanding a stop to the Chinese control and oppression. There has been complication in the modern history between China and Hong Kong, to say the least. Hong Kong, for more than 150 years, belonged to

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