Theme Of Power In Othello

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Compare how individuals use different kinds of power to influence others and the world around them. Individuals shape both the power of emotional intelligence and the power of status to influence their surroundings and the society they belong to. William Shakespeare’s Othello conveys the power of emotional intelligence and how individuals tamper with other’s emotions to get the reaction they desire. The power of status is satirised within Ben Elton and Richard Curtis’ Blackadder II, portraying the dominating ideology of social classes and how one’s position of status can assist or fault their strive for success. Both of these powers can be found present in an individual’s influence over others. A person has the ability to choose how they show off their emotions in order to manipulate others. Shakespeare’s Othello demonstrates the perception that an individual’s emotional intelligence is a key aspect in being able to influence your world. He conveys that in the time of the Elizabethans, appealing to someone’s emotions or concealing your own would aid Aid what? He conveys Use another word (illustrates, depicts, etc.) that in the time of the Elizabethans appealing to someone’s emotions or concealing your own would aid one’s motives. Repeated the same sentence However if performed incorrectly, lead to your downfall. Poor statement In an attempt to make her father understand the reasoning behind her secretive marriage to Othello, Desdemona uses the relation “and so much duty as my mother showed to you” (1, 3) between her and her mother. Unclear .She taps into the past so that the circumstance can become personal to her father and allow him to feel emotionally attached to it.…show more content…
They convey the fact that people can both capitalise on others and exercise their own emotional intelligence and status in order to get what they desire from
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