Theme Of Power In The Movie Lean On Me

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Power is a thing most people strive for in all situations, and when so many people desire that power there will be a conflict. In the movie Lean on Me, the teachers and school officials have lost that power of control to the rowdy students of Eastside High School. The students are drug dealers, crack users, and destroyed the school that was once a respectful place where the teachers were in charge. In this movie there are a few relationships that go through a power struggle. The newly appointed principal Joe Clark is trying to gain control through some unorthodox ways. He runs into difficulty with Mrs Levias the Vice Principal, they encounter many issues where they want their way with the situation. Joe Clark and Dr. Napier exemplify a power struggle, but still remain friends after all of their disagreements. The last person that Joe Clark tries to gain control over the situation with is freshman student Thomas Sams, who begged for a chance to come back into the school and right his wrongs. Walking into Eastside High, Principal Joe Clark and wants to turn the place upside down to make a point that times are changing. He desires the power of the school and to change these kids for the better to pass the basic skills test. By demanding change, Joe Clark gains power in the relationship between him and Mrs. Levias, but as the relationship goes on there is a few points where she gets extremely frustrated and wants him to release some of that power. In the hallway scene where
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