Theme Of Power In The Play Ghashiram Ktwal

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Power. Game in Tendulkar’s “Ghashiram Kotwal”: A critical study

Fadl Mohammed Aied Algalhadi Dr. Shailaja B. Wadikar PhD Scholar Dep. of English Assistant Professor SRTMU Nanded School of Lang. Lit. & Culture Studies
School of Lang. Lit. & Culture Studies S. R. T. M. University, Nanded

Literature is the real medium to convey the event in societies, out of literature theatre regards the easiest tool of literature to explain and clarify what is happing in people life. This study aims to explore the variety aspects of “power” and its implications in Tendulkar’s play Ghashiram Kotwal. In this play we try to show how power leads people to lose control their behavior at the time of getting their aims. This study presents how greed, brutality, politics, sexuality and treachery become types of power to humiliate both men and women in Indian modern society. This study undertakes to study the negative effect of power in Ghashiram Kotwal’s character after gaining the power and how he becomes inhuman with regarding to innocent people. The present study shows how the power used to find the identity.

Introduction: India regards as one of
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